Audio Representation of Telecommunication

For my soundscape I decided create an audio representantion of data being sent through telecom infrastructures and transatlantic wires.

All cellular phone networks worldwide use a portion of the radio frequency spectrum designated as ultra high frequency, or "UHF". These radio waves are sent to cellular repeaters until they reach a tower. Fiber optic cables relay this information, coded in pulses of light, to the intended destination.

The thought of information in the form of pulses of light constantly sent through a network of under water fiber optic cables inspired this soundscape.

I used electromagnetic pickups to record the sound of my phone's radio waves and used various effects pedals to manipulate the sound. This was meant to represent data being sent from repeater to repeater.

To represent fiber optics I had a friend play saxaphone (two bright tones to represent light) while I manipulated the sound with various pedals. This created pulsing and screaming sounds to represnt what I imagine to be the sound of the network of wires that connect the planet.

Written on September 26, 2015