Updates, Prototypes, and Legal Advice

To playtest this project I built a twitter bot to replicate the functionality this project requires. All that my test bot does is automatically reply to any tweet about it.


Though I am very pleased with the speed of the interaction, the concept has changed a bit. Now, when anyone tweets at Bratton Cam, my Camera will take a photograph of our subject's house, and respond with the photograph to the tweeter and to the commissioner. Ideally the photograph will be captioned with a quote from Commissioner Bratton as it relates to broken window policing and surveillance.

Playtesting this project has made me refocus my energy. The handle name I choose for my camera needs to be meaningful in order to service the idea of the project. Furthermore I should contextualize the project better by including relevant quotes or links about Commissioner Bratton. But most importantly, I have begun to seek out legal advice.

On Monday I met with Isbabel's father, Edward Donlon, for a chat about the legal repercussions of such a gesture. Together we came up with three strategies for camera placement, as it relates to my own security and the longevity of the project ( I can go into more detail later ):

  1. Stay with the Camera in a public place. <- this is the safest option.
  2. Set up the Camera in the public plaza around our Commissioner's house and hope for the best.
  3. Set up the Camera in the plaza, and wait to be asked to leave. If asked, I will just move to another public location across the street.( however this would have alerted the building managment to my presence.)

There is more research that needs to be done regarding tresspassing laws (104) and harassment laws (204).

The likely consequences that I may be facing range from probation and a clean/sealed record after a few months to a permanent mark on my record due to tresspassing. Since, according to Mr. Donlon, there is no risk of a felony, this project seems worthy of moving forward with.

As for prototyping: I mentioned that I built the twitter bot. This works quite well. But more interestingly, I have begun to build a rasperry pi camera.

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Right now I can take photos with my pi, and store them to dropbox. I also can do blob detection...but that's maybe for another project.

Written on November 11, 2015