Junction Box Enclosure

This week's assignment was a throw back to week one, in that I essentially built a flash light. I started by going to home depot in bed stuy. I really wasn't sure what I was looking for, so I perused the electrical and plumbing sections. That's where I found these:


I had found a great, loud, toggle switch that I had pulled from the junk shelf so its aesthetics fit perfectly with the enclosure. I also figured that I would lasercutsn acrylic lid to use as a light diffuser.

I started by taking measurements. I'm not the best at drawing but here is a photo:


I then measured my switch with some digital callipers, and thought about how I would drill through metal. In class we used a step down bit on the drill press, however I thought it would be best to get familiar with the bits on the floor.

As I'm writing this, I realize that I have forgotten the name of the bit I used. But at any rate I used this mysterious bit to drill a switch sized hole in my junction box. On my first attempt I ended up punching out one perforated sides of the box:


So I got some wood and clamped it to the box's wall in order to secure it.

After I got the hole cut, I built my circuit. Here is a photo:


It was late and I did a sloppy job hot gluing the LED strip to the wood. I regret that.

After I finished the actual enclosure, I decided to lazer cut some acrylic. I found that one piece of acrylic was not enough to diffuse the light, so I needed to double up. Unfortunately by that time the lazer cutter was booked full. As of right now I can't get on to the laser cutter, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Here are some pictures of the finished enclosure with the acrylic glued on.

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Written on October 13, 2015