Five Back Massagers

This week's assignment was to create 5 of the same object. I knew this assignment would take me forever because I am not particularly used to building multiples of anything. I chose to build back scratchers/massagers.

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This project took on a few iterations, do to some pretty basic mistakes I made. Here is an image or what I was trying to build:


My first mistake was trying to be too cheap about supplies. Because I had a gift card to blick, I was able to buy a ton of balsa wood for 5 dollars. While making 15 of the massager's faces I found that the balsa wood tore, splintered and was generally a mess. After hours of doing this, I realized that drilling into such thin wood would be a huge issue.

So after one wasted day, I decided to go to a friends wood shop, to find some scrap wood to use. I cam across some 6 x 30 x 1 wood. A little too thick, but I was in a rush so I figured my back scratcher could be more of a massager.

Because I wanted to be as precise as possible, I drew two inch lines down my wood so as to cut it perfectly with a miter saw. After laboring over the precision of these lines, I discovered that the miter saw isn't the most exact tool to use because of how much wood is lost in the actual cutting - my lines were irrelevant.

My solution was to use a wooden stop to determine the length of each piece of wood.


This insured that all of my pieces were cut to the same size.

Next I used a 2 inch hole saw to drill out a circle from the 15 pieced of wood that I cut. Using the drill press was at first quite difficult. Finding a way to clamp doing the pieces of wood was a struggle.

After i had 15 blocks of wood with about a half inch hole cut through the side. I used the band saw and a sander to cut the excess wood from the handle, and to round the edges.


I then used a hand drill to create holes for the screws and spacers. I used a hand drill because I found that the drill press was taking too much time due to the all of the clamping.

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Written on September 27, 2015