Laser Cutting

I had a tremendous amount of trouble with this lab. Thinking that the laser cutter would be simple, I was a bit too ambitious. I started with the idea that I wanted to make a barrier grid animation.

I found a tutorial and got to work. A barrier grid animation must be incredibly precise in order to work, so I spent hours with illustrator perfecting the design.

When I got to the laser pointer, I realized pretty quickly that my sizes were wrong. So I took a template, and began working on the designs again.

I tested the actual laser cutting of my pieces on cardboard and saw that they turned out fine. But I didn't think to check if the illusion worked. So I reprinted, this time on balsa wood. I have included a video of my failed animation below. But, I think I can make a new pattern tomorrow, improving on my mistake.



Written on October 4, 2015