Flash Light

I am taking this class because, aside from legos, I have never felt confident building anything physcial. I never was a boy scout, I didn't take a shop class in high school, my only experiences with power tools have lead to messy clumbsy looking junk. I work with software, but increasingly I want to be able to network with physcial objects I create. With that disclaimer, I'm going to tell you about the flashlight I built.

Being new to ITP I forgot about the importance of documenting each step (it wont happen again), but let me explain how I ended up with a working flashlight.

Initially I found an LED lightbulb ( and a sweet looking connector) that looked like this:


I thought it was perfect until I realized that it required 120v to light up. I found that claim particularly dubious, since its just a bunch of led's, so I opened housing up, hoping to find a voltage regulator.... In the process I broke it.

So lightless, I went to TinkerSphere and bought and 3v led light bulb. I then went to the junk shelf to find switches and a nice housing for my bulb.

I found this long plastic pipe for th housing that the light bulb might sit well on. I cut it down to size, found a toggle switch. and began to build my circuit.

The light bulb ended up being just a little too small to simply hot glue to the top of the plastic, so I used the drill press to create a little cylinder cap to mount the light to. I had to sand this little guy down to the proper size ad we did not have the exact drill bit:


Then I wired my bad boy up and flipped the switch....and nothing happened. My polairites were wrong on the led bulb....So after that small snag, I tested the circuit, and hot glued my components in place.

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Written on September 13, 2015