Preparing for Chambers St. Video Piece

While brainstorming ideas about what the topic of our video piece should be, Jen, An, and myself decided that we should focus on a specific location. We chose the Chambers Street stop for a few reasons.

Chambers Street is a paricularly interesting train station because there

The mosaics here are frightening. Ever since I moved to New York I have been unsettled by the mosaic eyes that populate the platform. They are omnipresent and hard to avoid.

The Chambers Station also seems to be the most dynamic visually and aurally. The difference in traffic from 9 AM to 12PM is massive.

Jen took photos on Saturday and found a desolate station. I imagine that when I take photos on Monday morning before our group meets to finalize the storyboards I'll have a very different experience.

Written on October 4, 2015